Working with Parents

As parents/carers, you are the child's first educators and therefore we, at The Willows Daycare, believe in creating a partnership with you right from our first meeting so that we can work together to ensure we provide the very best care and provision for your child.

We do this by asking you to tell us all about your child, what they love to do or what they do not like to do, their home routines and their favourite toy from home, etc. This allows a smooth transition between home and daycare. This will be discussed on your child's Trial Session.

Trial Sessions

Trial Sessions can be used as a gentle introduction and help with the settling in process. We recommend up to three, two-hour sessions to allow you and your child to get to know the staff and their Key Person.   This allows them to gradually become more familiar with their new surroundings. If you feel your child may need more, or possibly less, sessions time then please speak to your child's Key Person.

Your child's Key Person is responsible for undertaking written assessments. These come in the form of Learning Journeys. By regularly recording observations of your child's interests and achievements we can build a picture of their development and help plan for their next steps in learning. The Learning Journey can be a very special book, which the Key Person, the child and the parent can help to create using written words, photos and examples of work and it can be accessible at any time to enjoy.

By providing regular newsletters, up-to-date notice boards, parents' evenings, sharing play sessions and an open door policy, we hope you will feel very welcome. Your thoughts and ideas are valued.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

The Willows Daycare believes that children develop best when their personal, social and emotional needs are met and where there are clear boundaries and positive behaviour is promoted and children are praised and encouraged.

We require all staff to provide a positive model of behaviour by treating children, parents and one another with friendliness, care and courtesy.

It is very important that parents work together with the daycare team in this area in order to have a consistent approach.

If you know of anything that may be adversely affecting your child's behaviour, it would be much appreciated and helpful if you could inform your child's Key Person. All information will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated by yourself.

Working with Parents

"My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since she has been at The Willows"

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